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Balisong Life

Baliplus Krake Raken (Kraken) V3 Clone

Baliplus Krake Raken (Kraken) V3 Clone

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The Baliplus Krake Raken (Kraken) V3 Balisong trainer clone Features a Tanto style slotted trainer blade in both inked and aluminum options with your choice of 9 different color combinations for the handles. The handles are 6061 channel aluminum with zen pins and a scale textured finish that shows you just how much Baliplus put into their version of the Krake Raken V3. 

Shank Surface Treatment: Anodized
Blade: 420 stainless steel
Blade Surface Treatment: Stonewashed
Structure: One-piece handle, double inner stop, non-locking bushing
Packing: carton for spare parts, L-shaped screwdriver, woolen knife cover, knife cloth

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