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Balisong Life

Baliplus Triton V2 Balisong Clone

Baliplus Triton V2 Balisong Clone

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This stylish aluminum Baliplus Triton V2 Balisong Clone is perfect for honing your skills with this closely related traditional butterfly knife design. It features a slanted tip trainer blade for added aesthetics, improve your technique each time you train and look good while doing it!

Product name: Baliplus Triton V2 Balisong Clone
Handle material: Aluminum alloy
Handle surface: Anodized
Blade material: 3r13 Steel
Blade surface: Stone Washing
Structure: Integrated handle with bearing - No lock
Developed length: 248mm
Net weight: 115g

*This product has No knife cutting edge and is suitable for novice training.

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