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Balisong Life

XDYY Squid Balisong Trainer Clone

XDYY Squid Balisong Trainer Clone

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The most clean and lightweight balisong trainer on the market. XDY Squid balisong trainer will ensure you the most fun you've ever had with a balisong trainer before. Seriously, it's that good. Flipping This balisong is like flipping through the pages of nostalgia. With an effective aerodynamic design and durable plastic material you'd be hard pressed to find a flipping session as good as this balisong will deliver from any where else.

Total length: 24cm

Blade length: 9.9cm

Weight: 71g(transparent 59g)

Material: POM ( PC)

Technology: CNC cutting

Note: This product is only for training, and its edge is not sharpened

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